How To Hide IP Address In Windows 7

June 5, 2018
Hide IP address in Windows 7

Do you need to access a site but do not want your IP address to be known? There are many reasons why we all have to hide our IP address whenever we go online. There are so many shady sites existing in the World Wide Web nowadays. And then there are more hackers every wrong turn you make. Even with a top-notched antivirus and firewall, it will never be enough.

The best solution will always be prevention. Add more protection and more security walls right before you check online. Did you know that each time you visit a site, there is a probability that there are trackers that trace all your visited domains? Sounds scary right?

Well, not all websites that have trackers mean you harm. Most of them are just using the information on your activities to improve their strategy and marketing better. But still, the risk is there. And with that fact alone, you need to do something about building more security on all your devices.

So what do we do to hide our IP addresses? Well, there are a couple of ways. But we will be discussing the ones that are easy to execute. Not many people are internet nerds and savvies. Most of us rely on simple instructions that are effective and proven through time. And that is what you will learn from this article.

Note: Some of you may have checked the IP in control panel and came here to change some settings, well for you here is nothing. If you need to more info about then please check official website. Now let’s continue with our article.

How to Hide IP Address in Windows 7

As I have said earlier, we will teach you of a few easy ways on how to hide your IP address online. If possible, make this a habit after you learn these things. This is of utmost importance if you are using your computer accessing your financial affairs. This is to prevent malicious entities to find out your personal information and eventually spying on you.

Method 1: Use VPN Software

  • You are probably already familiar with VPN software. If not, it is a tool that creates a virtual network and is responsible for outside access anywhere in the world. It can bypass and enter any website using its IP address which is very different from your original IP address.
  • Here is how the VPN works. When you subscribe to a service that provides VPN access, you will need to use your IP address. And when you are inside the VPN, they will assign you a new IP address. And that new IP address will be the one to access the specific site that you want to visit.
  • There is three main usage of VPN: Hides your IP address, encrypts your internet traffic and gets you access to geo-blocked sites.
  • The best VPN software that we will be comfortable recommending you are: TunnelBear, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost VPN, and IPVanish.

Method 2: Call Your ISP

  • In case this surprised you, this is actually doable. All you have to do is make that call to your ISPs and request a new IP address. You may give them your reasons as to why you need to have your IP address changed. Some ISPs do not mind doing this for their clients and customers. And they can provide you with a new IP address right away. But there are also some that will ask for a period of time before you are given a new one. The bottom line is, they can provide you anew IP address if you just ask them nicely.
  • There is a catch to this method though. ISPs are known to be shady when it comes to these kinds of matter. There are reports that they are always willing to sell your IP address to the highest bidder. So while you can always change your IP address, you can never rest easy that your IP address is as safe as you would like to think.

Method 3: Connect to a Mobile Network

  • Mobile networks such as pocket WiFi and portable broadband network are the most common access point for new IP addresses. If you really do not want your IP address to show, get a pocket WiFi and it will be the one that will broadcast its own IP address for you. Then your original IP address stays within the confines of your wireless network.
  • Here is the downside with this scenario. Most mobile networks are easy to exploit as they often have low-level security. They are also slower than the usual wired connection as they only rely on the signal strength that is available on your location.

Method 4: Use TOR Browser

  • For those of you who are not familiar with TOR, it is free software that gives you anonymous access to the internet. It is known to be used by many types of shady characters in the web. It is also popular as a tool for accessing the dark-web.
  • The dark-web is the part of the internet where illegal and weird stuff happens. And the TOR browser is the one that is able to access those parts of the web. You will be surprised to know how many sites that exist in the corners of the so-called World Wide Web.
  • TOR connects to volunteer-operated network across the globe to give all its users the anonymity that they want. The downside is that due to the number of access points and networks that TOR has to pass through before connecting to your desired site, the loading times are often too slow.
  • And finally, not to burst your bubble. While the TOR browser has this aura of sophistication embedded in it, the software is not entirely foolproof. The security feature of TOR is not always ironclad. So there are still some blokes out there that can exploit TOR with some effort.

In Conclusion

All of these options are yours to choose. In fact, you can select all of them at once if you want. They are all free to try and if it is for your personal protection and security, why not try everything that works.

They said that two heads are better than one. So I would say more levels of security is better than one. That might sound like paranoia but when there are things that you can lose, being paranoid and do any of this is worth the price.

If you have some burning and itching sensation that makes you want to ask us, throw it out in the comment section and let us do the clarification. Who knows, we might end doing more article about this if you guys are so inclined to this type of topic.

So which one do you think is your choice from the options above? Tell us, and we will see which one gets the more vote. Then that one will get a separate and dedicated article for more discussions.